For New USA Teachers

  • You will be working loosely with a team following a set of principles that nurture ELL enthusiasm and support ethically based teaching methods
  • You are not restricted to having China Radio English as your only means of support in China.
  • You can commit to Chinese Radio English to almost any scale matching your lifestyle.

Call CRE NOW! +1 414 344 9092

  • No 12-month contract requirement
  • Specialize in what you believe in
  • Franchise players needed: females who can teach primary grades!
  • Benefit from others spreading reputation of entire group
  • Balance your life abroad without pressure to constantly hunt down work
  • Mutual support from other American teachers
  • Form your own specialty content area
  • 5 hours pre-flight phone support provided
  • You're going there anyway; why not have a game plan ready that you advance faster upon arrival?