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• American culture
• Business Training
• Young Explorers Group for
  children under 9

Options for All

• Test-try our classes
   for free
• Group discounts for K-6
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• As low as 5 RMB per class
   for first time adults

Real Teacher Interactions  
Learning Resources

• Day excursions at no cost
• Sports & Hobbies Extensions
• English Corner
• ”Street Smarts” English
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What is the China Radio English Difference?

Our teachers are prepared to give their best presentations of the English language to you. They know that learning a language is almost never easy. A bad teacher in other programs can make learning English stressful . We weigh the factors of time, student readiness, and motivational elements to deliver stronger lessons that empower students to achieve at a higher level. Every teacher is told that the stress will be on them if they create a classroom with a stressful atmosphere.

There is a difference with China Radio English. Our American teachers have different backgrounds, different education levels, different ages, and different pay rates. We promote these differences because we know that there is no such thing as having one best teacher available for every customer need. When you ask us, we’ll be happy to tell you about the special teacher specializations offered by every teacher.

Tailored learning

How You Can Improve Your English
  • Go to English Corners (EC's)
  • Seek others learning English
  • Visit universities in China
  • Contact your contacts
  • Have a business card saying you are ready to learn English