How things are different (round-the-clock offerings, et al)

We DON’T have only one pay rate for every teacher. This is not so because we believe that some teachers are worth more than others. It is so because we want to offer a broad range of teaching credentials. We offer a variety of teachers for a variety of English learner needs. If someone has a special need to be met, we want to have everything possible in place so we can help that person in their learning style, or by offering the respective instruction in delivered in its proper form.

Prepared American teachers (understanding of Chinese culture)

Our teachers come from many different backgrounds. We speak different styles of English, and we speak with different American accents. But what we all agree on is that there should be a teacher somewhere who can help you learn English. Our teachers will engage you in speaking English your first day, and you won’t want to let go of what you learned. Our teachers introduce you to the building blocks of the English language. They then give you chances to apply words in meaningful phrases meant for conversations with English speakers. We all have different stories to tell. We will give you advanced knowledge unknown to many and not forget the simple elements, but still let you learn like you were a beginner who can go to the next level higher up.


Our teachers come from different backgrounds in the USA and offer different specializations. Some have college degrees, and some have work experiences in technology, human relations, and sales/marketing. We want to offer you the best teacher for your needs, even if the one you encounter is only second best to what we can offer you. There are certain teachers that reach out very well in teaching beginner-level English language skills, and you certainly might want to ask for one of those teachers. Sometimes you want one with an image that represents executive-level professionalism. You often can’t find the same kind of background from one teacher. We will offer you several teachers with several backgrounds. If we know of a teacher with the qualifications you want, we will try to find several teachers who meet those expectations.

Our teachers often have a deep passion for certain interests that go beyond traditional professionalism. You should ask them what they work experience they had in the USA and what interests they want to share. You might find them to have an interest they will share with you. They could be in culture, sports, or arts. You will see their interest sometimes in their teaching enthusiasm. With special trips scheduled from time to time, you might find yourself on an English speaking adventure with one of our people that will give you many opportunities to learn more English. Maybe there will be a trip that is the perfect cultural match to your interests.

How to enroll/What to expect

You can ask any of our teachers about upcoming classes. Sometimes the future of a class is uncertain, and might be can-celled, usually because of not having sufficient enrollment. If a class is cancelled before the first day you can expect all your money to be returned to you. All teachers must include verbal English skills in their lessons every day so the student can learn to speak English. We do not usually give grades for achievement, but we might give worksheets called “examinations” to check your performance. The main components of learning in China Radio English are speaking, listening, reading, writing, cultural implementation, language enthusiasm, and overall effectiveness.

Every teacher has at least one specialty that she can provide lesson activities for. Besides that, our teachers are encouraged to hold activities outside of class that represent a cultural or sports-related interest dear to them.

Ways English helps you

There are so many ways that English can help you. When you know English you will be like a resource to your peers and friends. Although you might not have the status of an upper level employee in a business, you might be highly valued by people at the top who want to complete a business deal that involves people who are English speakers. Translation is very important for getting messages understood and giving people the confidence of knowing they can trust whoever they are in collaboration with.

Some modern business practices started in the western speaking world and are mostly discussed in English. If you know English, you will be better prepared for learning those skills that are usually mostly acquired through the use of English. You can use a strong English regimen as an equalizer to the skills where others compare more strongly than you. You will be recognized for being able to speak to people of many backgrounds..

Pursuing English Learning

You can hire a tutor but that can be expensive for a family. Submit your contact information to us so we know you have someone who wants to be a student of English. We might not have the class available, but we will try to find you an available teacher or recommend a private school. Get involved with our weekend excursions or talk to many people who already took an English class. Ask them what they liked about their teacher and class. Go to places where you see many westerners. Try to talk to them or find someone you know who knows enough English and is willing to help you. Find out where the English Corners are in your hometown city.

Get ready to talk to anyone walking by who looks like they speak English and have something ready to say that you prac-ticed. Instead of counting how many times they reacted favorably to you, count how many times they rejected you or ignored you. Don’t stop until you get 10 rejections.

For Native Teachers in China

Do you already know some English and want to get better at it so you can get more offers to teach English? China Radio English can help you. The way we see it, you already did the hard part by learning basic English. You just have to make a small step forward and get that little bit of stronger reinforcement in English to turn you into more of an expert. There is a world of teaching opportunities for the native Chinese English teacher and we want to help her reach her highest level in with more lessons of instruction. You will be able to help your students with stronger command and more clarity. Your school will value your extra abilities in teaching English

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